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The URC is intended to be the hub of research where all available support to researchers is coursed through. 其核心职能是与教务处紧密合作, 学术发展办公室, 各研究所及其他有关单位:

1. Development and application of research policies and processes for the coordination and monitoring of research projects developed under any URC program ensuring strict compliance to the guidelines framing the programs by all involved parties. 

2. Implementation of programs and grants such as the (a) Research Capability Building Programs (RCBP), (b)大学研究资助补助金, (c)出版奖励, (d)论文和论文激励等. 

3. Arrangement of trainings and workshops to develop and improve skills among researchers (e.g. 提案写作,统计分析,稿件写作等.) to promote the conduct of research and dissemination of research outputs through various fora. 

4. 委员会的管理, 包括出版标准委员会(RSC), 道德检讨委员会(伦理委员会), 机构动物护理和使用委员会, 及知识产权委员会. 

5. Documentation of all URC-initiated and funded activities pertaining to faculty research for preparation of management reports.


The 大学研究中心 (URC) is a coordinating unit of the Far Eastern University dedicated to the creation and advancement of a community of ethical, committed, and professional researchers at the forefront of sustainable 和响应 research for national and global development. 


1. Develop policies and guidelines that encourage research and foster interdisciplinary collaboration and collegiality; 

2. Nurture a community of researchers and scholars through mentoring programs and capacity-building seminars-workshops, 以及其他与研究相关的活动; 

3. Create sustainable partnerships and engagements within and outside of 银河贵宾APP下载首页 through funding and other research-based support and services. 

4. 促进输出, 通过它的各个小组委员会和项目, 被认为是优秀和创新的, ethical, socially-relevant, 和响应. 

5. Provide platforms through various fora that allows for dissemination of new knowledge and the discussion of various research-based issues, trends, and solutions with the goal of contributing to the advancement of national and global development.



大学认识到各研究所的关键作用, 以及下属的学术部门, 发挥作用,使大学的研究充满活力.  URC, 与研究所携手合作, 研究发展计划制度化, which sets the strategies of  the various Institutes in enhancing research capability of faculty, (星期六, and students, 提高研究和出版物的产量, enriching research culture in 大学 and translating knowledge generated from research to student learning. 

Photo on the left is of the Institute Research Development Plan Workshop with 教育学院’s Academic Team (Dean Harold John Cuala, 及项目负责人)


这些研究所是大学研究的命脉. Hence, the URC constantly collaborates with the different academic units in implementing research-related activities and programs that aim to keep research vibrant in 大学. URC fully supports the conduct of different webinars/seminars-workshops on research and publications, 研究学术研讨会, launching of journal and other fora as these are avenues by which faculty members, 学生和非教学人员分享并获得知识和经验.

The photo on the left shows the Three-day IAS Seminar-Workshop on Research Publication, 8月26日至28日举行, 由来自不同研究所的教员参与, 和UP Manila的助理. Prof. Chadwick Sy Su作为资源演讲者和协调人.

 先生的会面. Leo Nery, Managing Editor of Asia Pacific Urban Review and Deans and Associate Deans to invite contributions from Institutes


认识到研究中外部合作和伙伴关系的价值, 大学, 通过URC的代表, has been an active member of the Metro Manila Health Research and Development Consortium (MMHRDC) and 大学 belt Consortium (U-Belt Consortium). MMHRDC有43名成员来自研究机构, HEIs, 医疗机构, government and nongovernment agencies while U-belt Consortium is composed of thirteen Universities located within 大学-belt area. Both consortia have been conducting research-related inter-university projects such as conferences, 培训、研讨会和研究合作.  

  (On top) MMHRDC meeting held at 银河贵宾APP下载首页 in preparation for the originally-planned 4th International 
           研讨会与11th 年度科学会议. 但由于大流行,该机构决定 
           把它转换成一个有主题的网络研讨会系列 《银河贵宾APP下载首页》.
 这比你想象的要早,但永远不会太迟。”9月5日举行, 12 and 26, 2020 with Far Eastern University and Our Lady of Fatima University as lead organizers.


One way to encourage the faculty members to engage in research is through promotion of the existing University-initiated Grants, Programs, 和激励. URC recognizes the value of information dissemination about these research supports in all platforms possible. URC conducts orientation and discussion about the different research-related grants, programs, 以及在几个项目和研究所的教师会议上的激励措施. 此外,学校还策略性地在校园各处张贴了征求建议的海报, while a copy of the Call for Paper poster is emailed to the faculty members through their Program Heads. These efforts are done to bridge possible information gaps and promote the research activities of the URC to faculty members, 学术经理, 非教学人员.


URC supports its grantees and participants of various research related programs through orientation and consultation. Upon conferment of URAG grantees and Research Capability Program advisees and mentees, an orientation is conducted to put the expectations of the research activity in order. 私下讨论的议程包括项目时间表, 指引及程序, 以及预期产出. 不仅仅是取向, URC还邀请高级教师进行研究, 谁担任导师和顾问, for a consultation on their recommendations on how to execute the program better. URC与受助人保持开放和协商的关系, participants, and senior faculty members to encourage close connections among researchers to revitalize and rouse the university’s research culture.

(Top) Senior Research Faculties (Mentors and Advisers) and Advisers and Mentees huddled with Senior Vice President for Academic Development, Dr. Myrna P. Quinto during an online tete-a-tete to mark the start of Research Capability-building Program 2020. (底部)与此同时, URAG grantees attend an online orientation on the grants’ provisions and procedures.

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